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Enter the world of StoryBoy & bring stories to life for your kids!

StoryBoy Kids' Books are a great way to entertain and educate kids anytime and anywhere. It is your portal to a world of interactive animated e-books made especially for kids between 1-7 years old. StoryBoy is created by parents who understand the importance of having educational, fun and safe content for children.

There are two ways to enjoy StoryBoy Kids' Books.

Download the books directly through the iTunes App Store. A "StoryBoy" keyword search will show you all the books that we have available.

Alternatively, if you have the StoryBoy reader app, you can immediately enjoy two titles from our library. In addition, you can browse and purchase new books wirelessly through the app by visiting the eBook Store. You just need to sign up as a StoryBoy member and pay with your iTunes credits using Apple's in-app purchase feature. New titles are added all the time and you can download free parent content. The StoryBoy app also functions as a library and stores all of your StoryBoy books!

How do I start using StoryBoy?

app from iTunes Store
step enjoy
free ebooks
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ebooks with your iTunes credits

To learn more about us visit the Story Behind StoryBoy or our Press Room. Happy Reading!